Email Writing

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Email writing course by AUA onlineLearn email writing the easy way. Everyone needs to write emails at work. This course will:

  • prepare you for the work world
  • help you write effective emails – you will write at least 8 emails in this course
  • help you be confident in your writing
  • be taught by email – extra practice!
  • be taught by speakers
  • be taught by special writing teachers.

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Learn and practice writing e-mails. This course covers all the parts of an email such as opening, closing, subject, body, etc. Learners will also practice writing standard office, business and enquiry style emails.

Course Objectives

  • To write emails for professional purposes
  • To understand the importance of being an effective business communicator in today’s changing workplace
  • To communicate with the public and colleagues by email.  

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course you will be able to…

  • Communicate professionally by email
  • Write effective and concise emails
  • Recognize and understand the differences between formal and informal email communication.
  • Understand the structure of a work email.
  • Learn to recognize and use repeated phrases used in work emails.

Course Structure

  • Online course
  • By native speaker teacher by email
  • Self-paced (finish within 3 months)
  • Online instruction + grammar practice
  • Personalized feedback from native speaker

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