Paragraph Writing Course Outlines

An Online Course by AUA Corporate & Online Services Department

Paragraph Writing is an online course with three levels. It is aimed at students who want to learn general and academic writing.

Each level has 4 units. In each unit you will write 2 paragraphs. Your work will be checked by AUA’s Corporate & Online Services Department special writing teachers. They will give you written feedback, and you will have chance to improve each paragraph.

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This course teaches process writing. This means that you will learn:

  • to get ideas and plan before you write
  • to edit your ideas and plan
  • to write
  • to read and edit your writing
  • to proofread and correct your writing
  • to do drafts

This course is unique. We teach you to write fluently and organize good content and concentrate on improving your as you write. This means you write more paragraphs as we learn.

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Paragraph Writing