Online Testing

AUA Online offers online testing to:

  • Online TestingCompanies
  • Organizations
  • Universities and schools
  • Individuals who want to test at home or in their office

We can test you, your staff or students at a time good for everyone using our online tests. AUA Online’s tests can be taken 24/7/365. You do not need to go to a test center! All AUA Online’s test scores are in international standards. We can measure your English by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). We can estimate your level in Toeic, Toefl or Ielts.

The tests we offer online are:

  • New AUA Test of English Online. This is a 4-skills test at low cost.
  • English Placement Test – This measures level from Beginner to Advanced.
  • Speaking Test – You answer questions, and record you answers. Our experts assess your level.
  • Interviews – AUA offers interviews online using the app you want such as Line, Skype, Messenger, etc.

Fort more information, contact:

  • Mobile: 099-080-4440
  • Line ID: 3streams
  • Email AUA Online now

Testing at your Office

AUA Corporate & Online Services Department offers the above online tests. In fact we recommend that your staff take online tests before they study. That means a busy HR do not need to arrange test times and days and see staff be absent!

However, if you want a test in your office, we can do that! We offer:

  • Placement Testing – This test measures from beginner to advanced levels using CEFR. We can estimate the Toeic or Ielts score if needed.
  • Interviews – These will be done by our trained interviewers using CEFR. We can also estimate Toeic or Ielts score from these.
  • Proficiency Testing – AUA has a variety of proficiency testing combinations. For example, we can offer listening and reading. Or we can offer speaking and writing. On the other hand, you could do all of them! We also have options of different lengths for the test. The AUA Corporate & Online Services Department proficiency test can estimate level in CEFR, Toeic or Ielts bands.
  • Practice Tests – In addition, we offer a full range of practice tests. If your staff are going to be taking a Toeic test, they may want some practice first. We also offer test preparation courses for all the big tests.

For more information, contact: