Writing Examples

Writing Examples – Why?

Writing Examples Person JokerYou can see examples of students writing and the teacher’s comments on each piece by clicking on the level you are studying. All names have been removed or changed. These examples are final versions of student writing. They have not been edited or changed by any teacher. They do include errors in grammar, but that shows you the kind of level of grammar that you can reach on Writing Online. The examples I have chosen are not always the best, but ones that are interesting or show important points.

These can be used:

  • to see the kind of writing you will be doing on Writing Online.
  • to see different methods of brainstorming you learn on Writing Online.
  • to give you ideas.
  • as models for you when you do your own writing.
  • to see what other students have achieved.

Writing Online Levels

Choose the level you would like to see:

General Writing

Academic Writing

Business Writing

  • BW1 (Business Writing Level 1)
  • BW2 (Business Writing Level 2)
  • EW1 (Email Writing)

Advanced Writing

  • OWR1 (Report Writing Level 1)